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Mills Throne Of Music Jukebox Circa 1939

Mills Throne Of Music Jukebox Circa 1939

Mills thorne of music jukebox. Circa 1939 unrestored. I m having to re-list htis because of a non paying buyer. Your bidding on a really nice mills throne of music jukebox.

It is in unrestored condition, but about as nice as oyull see! The owod is in very excellent condition. A few chips here and there, around the back edge, but all, in all, on a scale of 1 10? I think its a 8 for what you can find today for an unrestored throne of music as far as the condition goes, absolutly solid as a. It has the coin unit in it alogn with amp, and all the inside components.

It si very, very, clean, inside and out. It also hsa the original locks, no keys though. The upper, and lower catlin plastics are all really nice with no cracks in them. I cant figure out how to make it run, because i know nothing aobut the mills. What i do know is, as nice as it is, it is missing a title board, and a green long plastic on the inside of the grill area, and also a back door, also need 2 casters on the bottom. Why these parts are missing is beyond me, seeing as though this is such a great looking unretsored mills? Winning bidder to pay within 3 days of the close of the auction.

Payment acn be pay pal, but i do not take credit cards, shipping is the resposibility of the winning bidder. I can help ni any matter you need.

Pick-up is an option after payment clears, if youd like. We do know american van lines ship at a special rate for this kind of stuff.
They have a special division that will take these jukeboxes and transport. Note i can not except international bids, nor will ship internationally sorry. Any questions you can emali me at swan@maxiis. Com. Thanks for looking.